An abundance of Negroes in one place, far in excess of their statistical representation in the general population.
We went to the Mall last night. What a Nigfest!
by rauol castro March 01, 2008
Top Definition
A large, hysteric conglomeration of Niggers, resembling a common scene in such movies as "Tarzan" and "The Cookout".
"Hey Charles, are you going to be attending Jamal's party tomorrow night?" asked James. "No, I hear it's going to be a total nig fest."
by Kenny Karl Kirkland III January 10, 2006
(noun) An event in which a numerous amount of nigs party til they explode.
(verb) To nigfest; it can be used in the past, present, or future pretense.
Nigfester- One who attends a nigfest and participates in the fun and gamez.
I went to a rave, but to my disbelief, it was a total nigfest.

The many nigfesters exploded after the night's events.

I asked a nigfester how one nigfests, and I exploded.

I went to the party to ask my friend if he could help me with a particular task. He responded, "Can't you see I'm busy nigfesting over here?"
by Wooster January 25, 2006
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