1. to be totally f*cking useless
2. to actively hinder one's ability to work and/or succeed
3. to sleep at your desk or play Guitar Hero while everyone else is working, and then complain that you were up all night working
4. to deny one's ability to learn through stupid, meaningless rants
5. to neglect your current career, while working on a dental degree
6. to be a subject matter expert...on nothing
"That guy is such a nieves, he shut down our entire nework."
by tito4life April 14, 2008
Top Definition
1. To be caring and kind
2. To put another's need before one's own.
3. To fill a room with a kind word or smile.
4. To be the "cheerleader" of the group. To always see the bright side of things.
My mom is so amazing. She is so Nieves all of the time.
by technosnow February 02, 2010

1. Hellspawn
2. The PMS-ing spawn of satan.
"Close your doors, hide yourself! Nieves is coming."
by Walkwithmetotheotherside August 20, 2008
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