An articulate child with no real opinions. The opposite of a "yes man" in that he condems everything and everything he can get his tiny mind around.
What a bed idea, did it come from Nietzche?
by derapfel December 02, 2005
Top Definition
A retarded spelling of Nietzsche. Those who make this amusing etymollogical blunder will no doubt try to justify their ignorance by claiming Nietz(s)che was the pioneer of the ideas that shaped Nazism. Anyone remotely familiar with his ideas will scoff at this.
I'm a fucking moron, I know nothing about philosophy or Nietzsche, hell I can't even spell his name. I don't read, I am intellectually dead. I hate Nietzche.
by mickeysGs December 25, 2005
a Satanic nazi homosexual
He wrote some shit that made Hitler's 1 inch dick hard.
by Nazis are homosexuals March 13, 2005
Satan worshipping nazi bastard who came up with the whole nazi superman idea.
sick sick sick sonofabitch
by nazism and communism are sick February 14, 2005
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