Niek is an adjective of when someone fails to schedule his time, and ends up disappointing and occasionally ruining something for a group of people, who thought they could count on him.

Person2: ssh im buying stuff

Person1: you're such a niek
by Zango93 January 22, 2011
Top Definition
A dutch name given to anyone who, for sure, is awesome. Niek is based on a Saint. Saint Nicholas. Who most of you know as Santa Claus. He brings presents to us every year so this is why we honor someone with the name Nils because he will be like Santa.
Dad: Wow, we should really name him Niek.

Mom: Why?

Dad: He just looks so Super Awesome.
by N2505 October 12, 2011
Niek is a female who has anger issues, they like violence, they are sarcastic, and they REALLY hate people. It is common to think of them as assassins in medieval fantasies. It is usually a nickname. Pronounced NEEK.

"Oh my gosh! You are such a Niek! I'm going to start calling you that!"

The one accused of being a Niek, frowned and punched the accuser. "AND I AM NOT VIOLENT!"

by Niek (hehe) May 08, 2006
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