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A word to call people from nicaragua. heres an example: puerto ricans are boriquas...nicaraguenses are NICOYA'S
"what nationality are you?"
" im nicoya to the fullest!!"
by nicOya4O8 June 20, 2005
People who are from Nicaragua(or are Nicaraguense)are called "Nicoya(s)"
"r u Mexican?"
"fuck naw i ain't Mexican!, I'm Nicoya!
by Itz_Ya_Boy! June 09, 2004
Each Centro American Country has a nickname for people. guanacos, chapin, etc. Nicoyas are people from Nicaragua. Sandino's Heart.
"Are you a Panamanian?"

"Fuck no!! fuck panama! I'm Nicoya to the fullest! "
by mister21 December 11, 2009
An amazingly good looking, smart, and muscular woman. With a thing for guy's named will. Has a smile that will light up a room and always wears fitness pants!
Guy 1: Whoa, that girl is buff and beautiful!
Guy 2: Must be a nicoya!
by Mandingo Brown April 02, 2014
Word often relating to wealthy looking pirate ship containing no gold at at all.
Person one: Oh, I bet we can get a jackpot on that one!
Person two: No man, it is just a Nicoya. Arrrg.
by HayleySawn August 10, 2008
People who originate from the poorest country in all of the American continent, Nicaragua.
"Are you a Nicoya?"

"Fuck naw I'm Panamanian"
by PanamaMan65 November 16, 2008