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Archaeologist in the Straw Hat's Pirate crew. A awesome character who is smart and can bitch slap a hundred men at the same time using her Hana Hana abilities. Wears revealing outfits, came from Ohara and played a important role in Enies Lobby arc. Can read the Poneglyphs and used to be Vice President of Baroque Works
Nico Robin: Hi, I'm Nico Robin. I wanna join your crew
Luffy: Awesome.
Nico Robin: Thanks for saving my life
Luffy: No problems. So what do you do?
Nico Robin: I'm a archaeologist.
Nami: Nice of you to join us but what do we need a archaeologist for again?
Sanji: Who cares? She's hot

Fun fact: Unless there was a mistake, Nico Robin scored 58+ in the Universal Mary Sue Litmus test
by Ninja Yali August 23, 2008

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