It was good when I was like 7,but now it sucks fucking ass. They even cancelled Invader Zim,the greatest show ever created.
I hope Jhonen Vasquez totally ruins As Told By Ginger's shit. Fuck that gay-ass preteen soap opera shit.
by 0niTTRay October 03, 2003
A channel that used to be the shit for children and young teens during the 90s. Shows like Salute your Shorts(Greatest Nick Show ever), Hey Dude, Old school rugrats, doug, rocko, Are you afraid of the Dark, Clarissa explains it all, Kenan and Kel. Juss to name a few. Now Nick is a corny ass channel with a line-up with no variety. Gay ass shows like Avatar, Spongebob, Zoey 101, the new All That every single day. Kids that watch the dumb shit now think that Nick is the best channel ever but they definitely don't know what they missed.
8 yr old boy: Hey you want to watch Nickelodeon with me! It's the coolest ever. We can watch Unfabulous, Zoey 101, than Fairly Oddparents!!

Me: *Sigh*
#nickelodeon #hey dude #90s #salute your shorts #old school
by Cj June 15, 2006
A television network that once had spark and fun. Used to be made up of shows such as Rocko, Hey Arnold, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Clarissa Explains It All, just to name a few. This network has downgraded itself with "new and improved" clean innuendo shows such as Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Oddparents. Tries to redeem itself with "TeeNick" network, but has not been successful. On the brink of being off the expanded cable network.
Stupid, stupid, stupid
by Jonathan February 28, 2005
A television channel that at one time owned. But they canceled all the good shows and replaced them with shows aimed at six-year-olds (so what does that make Nick Jr., like, two-year-old shit?), made a brief comeback with Invader Zim, but canceled that and is dying now.
They recently started an American-drawn anime show called Avatar: The Last Airbender. That show sucks more than all the other shows combined.
Nickelodeon sucks ass. If you don't believe me, watch Spongebob or Avatar: The Last Airbender.
by Cortana Dragoon June 17, 2005
Nickelodeon had some good shows in the 90's like The Original All That, Clarissa Explians it all, The original Rugrats, Hey
Arnold, The Angry Beavers,and Invader Zim. Then the pot smokers at Nick decieded that good ratings and good shows were bad so they cancelled them all and brought these crappy shows like The new All-That,Unfabulous,FairlyOddparents,
Avatar,and The X's. The only decent shows on there are Drake and Josh, Spongebob, and Ned's declassified.
Me,at age 6: ''Nickelodeon kicks ass!

Me, today: ''Nickelodeon sucks ass''
#pathetic #teenyboppers #lame #potsmoking #unorignal
by DizzyLizzy May 31, 2006
1) A once amazing television channel that sold its soul to the devil on May 1, 1999 with the premiere of Spongebob Squarepants.

2) To do a Nickelodeon, or to go from being amazing to sucking rather quickly. Usually by dumbing down or changing itslef.
1) Nickelodeon was amazing in the 90's.

2) How can something go from so amazing to horrible and only enjoyed by those with minimal intelligence at best? All you need is to do a nickelodeon.
by Liz<3 June 07, 2005
A channel that used to have great shows like Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Salute your Shorts, Kenan and Kel, Clarissa Explains it all, and many more.

Then somebody decided it would be nice to fuck everybody up the ass by targeting their audience to immature homosexual 6 year old cockfags and canceling all their "inappropriate" shows.

Hell even Spongebob was ok for its first season. Same with the Fairly Odd Parents. But after that, they took a long load of shit off work and just played re-runs and Polly Pocket commercials.

When they came back, they completely gayed up everything. For example, in nearly every Spongebob episode, he is always crying like a baby, or singing in his usual high-pitched voice.

When they made Invader Zim all sanity was thought to have been restored. Then it's canceled. Quickly. What a load of fuck.

Whenever they try to make new shows, they completely fail. They make it, turns out it sucks Ron Paul's balls, and then they cancel it. For example, Catscratch. Or Kappa Mikey. Or El Tigre. Or Just Jordan. Or Marvin Mystery. And Jimmy Neutron (EW that show was so gay).

The exact same will happen with the extremely eye-watering utter fail shows Back at the Barnyard, and The Mighty B.

Nickelodeon used to have events like U-Pick-Live for example. Then they "re-made" it with overenthusiastic nerd hosts. Every day you'd hear them say, "and HERE'S more, SPONGEBOB!!" and it would just be another fucking re-run.

And yet at the "Kid's Choice Awards" they'd bring back Pick boy, and all the little 5 year olds would be like "wtf is he?" because they canceled him a long time ago. :/

And speaking of Kid's Choice Awards, notice how these asshats always pick people like, hannah montana for example, as "best actress", etc. What the fuck is wrong with these kiddies?

They seem so interested with their Naked Brothers Band. Well of course, just like them, their testicles haven't dropped yet. The naked brothers band thinks it "cool" to play sing-a-long songs in front of a microphone, and the lead "singer" with the mole on his face and with bloodshot eyes and greasy hair thinks he's "sexy".

Now here we are again with re-runs of gay shows released at least 100 years ago like Spongebob or the Fairly Odd Parents.

Thank you Nickelodeon. Thank you for making America's children interested in shows in which the characters CONSTANTLY TALK TO THEMSELVES. And sing, and cry, all the freaking time. And have lame, lame jokes.

You have inspired me to kill myself. Thank you, Nickelodeon.

dude: um. what? you are a girl, right?

kid: no, why?

dude: ... nickelodeon fag, much?

kid: gtg another re-run of BACK AT DA BARENYAWRD is pwaying.

-- -- --
kid has been kicked. <no furries allowed.>
#nickelodeon #nick #nicknicknick #cockfag #kiddy
by XFi6 August 20, 2008
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