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Yo Tyrone, let´s fuck Nick Hogan up the ass
by Mark1987 August 12, 2008
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The son of Hulk Hogan. The word Nick Hogan can be used if you happen to crash your car, or give your friend brain damage (1), or if you feel that you are un-deserving of everything you have. It is also often used as an adjective to describe anything gay, and worthless (2). Can also be used as a noun as to replace anything that sucks.
(1): "Man, I just Nick Hogan'd my ride today" "how are you gonna pay for that man?" "my dad" (2): Nick Hogan is such a Nick Hogan. (3): Man, this Nick Hogan is really Nick Hogan.
by joe mama angie-daddy December 12, 2007
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Son of pseudo-wrestler Hulk Hogan.
God, that Nick Hogan is such a stupid, spoiled twat.
by yoitzdavid November 17, 2007
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Not Good.

Nick Hogan wrecked his friend and his car in a street racing accident. It was not good.
Breaking off an exhaust stud in the head of your 4G63, Nick Hogan.

I just dropped a deuce in my drawers, Nick Hogan.

Hit and runs are Nick Hogan

Nick Hogan! My friend fell off a ladder and broke his urethra.

My dog just got hit by a car, Nick Hogan.

The first known usage:
by jbsmjh April 14, 2010
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Son of Hulk Hogan. Was involved in a serious car crash in Augest of 2007, that left a friend brain dead, and wheelchair bound for life. What most people forget to mention is that Nick was also wearing his seatbelt at the time, which if said friend was doing, he might have escaped realitivly unscathed like Nick did.
Nick Hogan draging racing down a freeway at 120 mph, stupid. Friend not wearing a seatbelt when riding shotgun with guy racing 120 mph, stupider.
by Briab June 14, 2008
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