A pimp wannabe who think's he's black.
That guy is a Nick Carter!
by Cece April 03, 2004
White boy who thinks he's ghetto cause he starred in "A Night In Paris: Part 2" with Paris Hilton
Paris is the neighborhood bike, Nick's even had his turn!
by lilmissoutrageous December 19, 2004
A retarded singer with a gay voice. Dresses like a queer and I'm sure he spends like 10 hours doing his fucking hair. Apparently think she's gangsta and shit, but doesn't see that 3/4 of the world hates him and his fag personality.
Girl 1: OMG nick carter is awesome1!!
Guy 1: Shut up, he's such a fucking fag.
Guy 2: Yeah, I agree. Damn queer.
Guy 3: Nick Carter? Yeah, he sucks ass.
by lolpwned111 September 30, 2006
a guy that everyone used to love, and all the girls wanted to fuck him. he was part of the backstreet boys, who were awesome, but went down the drain. now he's just a hollywood reject, who has to sing back up in his little brother's music videos. aaron carter is hot, but lame.
"not too young, not too old" video. a sad state of affairs when his kid brother is feeling up video hoes while he pretends to dj.
by shutup March 06, 2005

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