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The ultimate friend zone level and one of no return, akin to level 100m on the Original Donkey Kong or level 256 on Pac-Man.

The party in question is often so far in they do not realize they are in the midst of the friend-zone status.
1) A guy gets sent a naked picture from a girl who asks him to "make sure she looks alright before she sends it to another guy". He assumes this to be a ruse, that she actually wants his dick. This assumption is false, he is in fact in the nick level friend-zone.

2) There are two guys and a girl drinking in town. Guy 1 thinks he will take the girl home at the end of the night and does not understand why Guy 2 is hanging around so late. This is made clear when it is Guy 2 who takes the girl home, Guy 1 is nick level friend-zoned.
by sharkacon March 18, 2014