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Precious. Special. Sweet. Kinky. Adventurous. Very patient. Brave. Sexy voice Big turn on. Hero. My Guy. Someone who doesn't give up on a person, or anything. Always willing to help. Willing to make things better. Always curious. Go with the flow kinda guy. But sticks up for things deserving of it. Fights for what he wants. Good with his body and words. Great boyfriend.. Amazing boyfriend. Sensitive. Understanding. Makes good decisions and takes many chances.
Very good to people. Especially his girlfriend. Who loves him forever and ever :D
Lindsey: So you had a good night?
Val: Yeah..His voice is so soothing, makes me feel special you know?
Lindsey: Oh boy.. yeah i know. Good feeling, to feel special.
Val: Yeah, hes to perfect for me. I love Nick D'Angelo very much
Lindsey: mhmmm i know you do =D
by Valerieee [: January 27, 2009

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