Exclamatory phrase or shout-out to the Wizard of Wilkesboro, the Titan of Tarheels, the Red Baron of Rosebud, the Evel Knievel of Editorial, the Sultan of TheStreet.com. Leader, Scholar, Gentleman and Athlete. Typically used to recognize acts of awesomeness or dominance.
by Hail Nichols July 11, 2008
Top Definition
The Coolest Bunch Of People You've Ever Met. They Are Their Own Kind Of People Describable By Nothing. Kind Of Like A Circus, A Group Of Nichols Is Beautiful, Wild, Smart, Full Of Life And Fun, And Scary At Times, But Always In Control By The Ring Leader.
That Was The Wildest Bunch Of Nichols I've Ever Seen
by Asity Vs. Elsey September 02, 2008
First off very intelligent, yet she is one hell of a time. Although this girl comes off very classy, she is a sex kitten in bed and loves to get down and dirty. This girl knows how to party and have a good time. But don't be fooled by her party-esque ways, she is the kind you can bring home to mama. This girl is the total package...brains, personality, and usually comes with a nice set of boobs and ass. If you ever come across a Nichol, don't let her go, you'll never find anyone like her.
Wow, that girl I met at the party last night was such a Nichol, she was so fun! I'm definitely asking her on a date, and maybe she can meet my mom.
by Dr.Cornelius Spartam February 16, 2011
A person of greatness, natural beauty, rapier wit, stellar personality.Also known to drink their weight in liquor,suffer the Dreaded Redface Drunk Disease, fight anyone that glances in their direction while intoxicated, and as a general rule, think the only good snake is a dead snake.
"Wow...you're gorgeous, brilliant, funny...you must be a Nichols..."

"Yes, that is correct. Please do not be intimidated"

by Greatness11 August 29, 2008
The most amazing female ever made. She makes you happy regardless of how you feel. Despite her name missing a letter she is not any less of an amazing person. Highly intelligent and confident. She is amazingly easy to love. Her beauty cannot be described in words but her body can be described as "perfect". She HATES monkeys but loves cats. Her main diet consists of pizza pockets and room temperature water. If you have the chance to meet a Nichol, please marry her immediately as they are VERY rare.

WARNING: If you get too close she might bite.
Guy: "Hey God, what's your greatest creation?"

God: "Nichol and I believe cartoons."
by iimmanuel September 13, 2013
sexy freaking mofo. like;; seriously. sexiest girl you will ever meet.
Dude! She's a Nichol!!
by Katy :] May 03, 2008
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