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The most amazing man alive. He is very compassionate, and always puts others before himself. The best friend you could ever ask for, he can crack a joke or be mature whenever the situation calls for it. He is willing to talk to you about anything to comfort you. If you are dating him, he is even okay with you talking about your ex-boyfriends to get out your frustration. Safety is never an issue with him, Nicholaus will protect you until the end. Loves nature and sports, especially soccer. He has a perfect body, and is also an extraordinary lover; seeming to have no faults. There are not words enough to describe how amazing he is.
Girl 1: "Who is your boyfriend?"
Girl 2: "Nicholaus Parijs."
Girl 1: "OMG your sooo lucky! You wanna share?!"
Girl 2: "NO."
Girl 1: "Awww...okay. But if you ever change your mind..."
Girl 2: "HA. That will never happen."
by Your "Luvie" January 06, 2012
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