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Tribal name adopted by white New Zealanders who were born in New Zealand, and/or have been there for so many generations that they rightly define themselves as New Zealand Natives. The name is a play on Maori tribal nomenclature which uses “ngai” (from Maori’s original Chinese/Vietnamese roots) or “ngati” (possibly a transliterated derivation from old Phoenician) as a tribal prefix, as in Ngati Porou, Ngai Tahu, Ngati Fishnchips, etc. The name Ngati Pakeha incorporates the word ‘Pakeha’ which is a Maori name for white people.
Use of the name Ngati Pakeha serves as much as a political statement as it does a form of self-identification. It affirms to brown-skinned New Zealanders who have Maori heritage that white-skinned New Zealanders are native to New Zealand and that they are not going away.
Maori: “You white people don’t have any right to be here bro.”

White man: “I’m Ngati Pakeha, sunshine, and I’m as much a native as you.”
by Flash the Squirrel August 18, 2010
A tribe of Maori and honorary Moari people that live in New Zealand, whom are governed by The Maori Jesus, his 4 wives and The Ice Queen.
Holy crap its the Ngati Pakeha
by the ice queen March 03, 2005