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A small town in County Durham in the north east of England that contains many chavs. The biggest highlight of this town is Tesco. This town has 2 comprehensive schools that always threaten to fight eachother but never actually do it. Newton Aycliffe town centre is filled with pigeons and stinks of shite. There is a greggs in the town centre too. There are many parks in aycliffe that you will find 13 year old chavs drinking in and if you're lucky they might even shout some abuse at you, Tesco park is one example of where you will find these people (it is called tesco park because it is near tesco). Newton Aycliffe also has a woods called 'the burn' many people have been raped and stabbed. If you are looking for a fight you could go to one of the most classy places in Aycliffe, DL5 this is a bar/club also known as D L Dive.

I would advise that people don't come here :')
Chav1:Did you get me weed mate?

Chav2:Aye mate i went down the dandy cart in newton aycliffe.
by kbkg January 11, 2011
a hole of a town in the north-east of england which has many slaggy chavs or brick-arders as they like to think. it's also where mother turtle and her cronies work.
chav - "ey ya wanna gan to tesco park and av a bit of white lightning like...way eye man"

charva - "do yey wanna hang around the kebabey shop at newton aycliffe and annoy the fat owner (mr happy!!)"

mother turtle - "i'll run yar over!"
by mousecatcher October 16, 2011
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