The hottest girl you will ever meet! She's one of the smartest girls you know. Really funny,she can make you laugh when you're sad. Really fun to have around at parties. All her friends love her, and she's one of the most popualr girls you will ever know. All the guys love her because she's amazing. If you ever get to meet a Newsha you're lucky. There's no one else like her.
by JordanS June 04, 2012
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1. describing a persian girl with the sexiest hair known to humanity, smokes big fat cigars in her free time and listens to zedbazi.

2. General term used to describe a person whose whipped ice dairy drink brings the attention of males to the place of her residence and/or employment.
newsha is the bomb.
by lonzabronza123 June 12, 2011
A Persian name that means "good listener", but is usually the opposite.
Man: Hey Newsha
Newsha: lalalala
Newsha: ....
Man: -_- Newsha!!!
Newsha: You called?
by endawg October 23, 2011

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