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Type 1) The complete inability just to be an ass for apparently no reason. Studies have shown that usually the bigger your head gets, and the bigger your ego, the more likely you are to suffer from Newburn's Syndrome. The best way to deal and treat the first part of this condition is basically to just take everything thing as a whole, and not judge the smaller things, even though you may be above them, appreciate them, and don't consider yourself the most amazing person in the world, obviously there's someone better than you, always. Type 1 Newburn's Syndrome or T1-NS is the least severe of this syndrome, it can be treated easily with counseling and moral support from your friends, as long as you are willing to accept the help. The origins of T1-NS are still highly unknown, but it was first discovered in a Yu-Gi-Oh! player by the name of Ryan Newburn hence who the disease is named after.
"Man, Steve has been on a hot streak lately but his arrogance is getting to him. Do you think he should by tested for Newburn's Syndrome (Type 1)"
by Ricky Babaganoosh February 22, 2010

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