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A device or weapon in a FPS (First Person Shooter) that is far superior to the other weapons in the game. These devices or weapons can be spotted by their wide use and incredible stopping power. Newb-sticks are generally used by Newbs, amatuer players with little or no skill, or players that just plain out bad at the game.
"Dude! No fucking way! That Newb-stick got me again!"

"Dude wtf ? I shot him twice with my bolt action rifle, fucking newb-stick machine-gunner."

"What a pansy, only rifle he can use is one with a potato at the end of it, what a newb-stick(er)."
by Niko September 18, 2003
A weapon used to abuse/beat on newbs. A method of verbally slapping/disciplining rookies as you would a puppy with a newspaper.
Get lost rookie or Tollbooth Willie is going to beat you with his newb stick!
by lavvgiver April 12, 2010
This is asian guy named Joseph Lee In Mr. Morgan's 5th Period AP Biology class.

Your a newb stick Joe.

Joe(I'n Korean):Yeah I know. =]

by Julie Nyguyen January 07, 2008
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