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Newars are the people who built the beautiful city of Kathmandu, which the fucking bauns are now destroying.

Newars are the most organized people with rich culture and tradition. The most famous writers, poets, architects, philosophers in Nepal are Newars. The world renowned pagoda styled temples were invented by the Newar architects.
Guy 1: are you from Kathmandu?
Guy 2: Yeah I am a Newar and I am proud to be one! Are you also from Kathmandu?
Guy 1: Yeah, I am also from Kathmandu but I am a poor bahun!
Guy 2: Oh so you must have come from some village to suck Newars dick and make some money
Guy 1: Thats the plan!
Guy 2 opens his zipper.
by The Newar December 30, 2011

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