The NBA team of NYC which once was good but then sucked and next season (2007-2008)will be a great team once again considering that all the injuries has left time for the really bad players to have practice time to get better and the team also have a lot of time for practice during the summer and they will probably package in a trade such as Vince Carter, Kevin Garnett,Kobe Bryant or another big name in the NBA.
New York Knicks are getting better everyday and are looking forward to be the perfect team for next year

Mardy Collins has really showed that he can play when the injuries where going on both on offense and defense.

Renaldo Balkman has shown his potential also scoring a lot of points, making a lot of dunks and stealing

Randolph Morris the new rookie from kentucky knows how to steal

Jamal Crawford is on fire every day

Nate Robinson is getting better each day at everything

Eddy Curry will probably learn how to play better defensively

And Stephon Marbury still has good leadership making 3s, layups stealing and passing
by Nylokk0 June 16, 2007
now they're trying to be like the other team that plays at MSG (Rangers) and buy a playoff least it ain't working well
The Knicks were only good when Willis and Frazier were there
by Craiggers March 29, 2004
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