the best goddamn place in the world..where ass is incredibly easy to get and ppl are AWESOME all of the freaking time.
dude I wanna be happy so im gonna take a little trip down to NYC..
by harry October 10, 2003
A thriving metropolis considered by many as the "greatest city in the world" is mired with homeland security issues in post-9/11. The Republican National Convention came and went as the city and federal government spent untold millions to make it safe for the GOP delegation and attendees. After the World Trade Center came down on 9/11, lower Manhattan was left with a nondescript skyline, leaving a huge void in the financial epicenter of the world.
1. New York City is home to a myriad of financial institutions, institutions of higher-learning, law firms, media outlets, proffesional sports teams, parks, governmental offices, corporate headquarters, and houses the largest collection of skyscrapers in the world.

2. The World Trade Center in New York City, was once the single largest office complex of its kind (second in size to the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.) with 110 floors in each tower, consisting of a little over 11,000,000 square feet of rentable space. It included an observation deck, hotel, pedestrian plaza, shops and restaurants. The World Trade Center had direct access to subway lines and world commerce. It's an American icon that will be truly missed.

3. New York City is smoke-free in all public places thanks, in part, to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and New York Governor George Pataki.
by Tagman77 December 16, 2004
Amazing City, unless you live there. HAH!
Someone walks up to me on the street, and says to me "Isnt New York City just the most amazing place ever?" I say "Im guessing you dont live here."
#exciting #yourk #boring #metro #crazy
by Pirozzolo June 09, 2009
best place to flash gang signs and get shot the second after.
In: New York City

Guy: Look at my red shirt!

#new #york #city #shot #dead
by IGOTSHOTFORTHIS June 20, 2007
If you can make it here, it's probably because you have rich parents that spoil you.
"I'm from New York City"

"So that probably means you've never had to worry about finances ever in your life?"

NOTE: this excludes all the poor people who live in NYC, of which there are many.
#new #york #city #money #wealth
by Tiffany223 April 05, 2011
A city in the southern most area of New York State. It is commonly believed to be the "Greatest City In The World" (said mostly by people who have visited it once or twice). The truth is all we have in NYC is the best pizza and assholes. The tourists who come to new york are the worst, and imagine it to be like something they've seen on TV or in the movies. There's really nothing special about NYC. In the tri-state area many teens enjoy bragging about going to "the city" over the weekend, but if you actually live there it's nothing special. I have been to other cities and many, if not all, have been better than NYC. There are some good things about NYC; if you live here you know where all the good food is, you don't get the "tourist special" and pay the actual price. If you work on it you can attempt to not develop the accent and you will say words like coffee, talk, ask, instead of cawfee, tawk, and axe. One more thing... Anybody who says that they enjoy Times Square is either lying, or a complete moron. Who enjoys walking through a crowd of thousands of people at two in the morning?
Kids who live outside of New York City, eg: westchester, yonkers, Staten Island(I know that they are technically still in the city), New Jersey, Rockland, and other suburbs:

Teen A: I can't wait until friday I'm goin to the city.

Teen B: oh yea? why?

Teen A: because after i get back everyone will think i'm cool.

Teen B: you're a fag.

Kids Who live in New York City:
Teen A: I gotta go into the city today

Teen B: that sucks. good luck

Teen A: I know, my whole day is shot.
#new york city #the city #manhattan #manhatten #time's square #time square #times square #pizza
by ACREDIBLESOURCE March 25, 2009
Synonyms for New York City:
1.) Big Apple
2.) Big Easy
3.) City That NEVER Sleeps
4.) Grand Central City
5.) New York City
6.) GaNgStA CaPiTaL
7.) City Of Crazy Ass Cabbies
8.) Home of the GREATEST Police (NYPD)

Also see NYC,New York,Big Apple
Guy from L.A. : HeY DeRe ESSE!
New Yorker: *BOOM*
* LOUD THUD, followed by the 5-0 *
by Gary Brar.NYC December 04, 2004
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