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Anyone with hardcore conviction to stick to their New Year's Resolution...for a period of time not to exceed one month but often as short as one day...

A January Joiner is a specific example of a New Year's Resolutionary...
She quit the grit for her New Year's Resolution, and all day she's been preachin' to anyone who isn't quick or smart enough to avoid her about the evils of tabacco...

Have no fear...She'll be suckin' down 5 sticks at a time this time next week in true New Year's Resolutionary style...
by jt001 January 19, 2006
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A person that only goes to the gym in the 4 week period after January 1st. They tend to be fat and hog all of the machines. They quit working out at the rate of 25% per week. A small percentage will show up 1 week before spring break to do curls and crunches.
I couldn't get on a bench press because there was a line of three New Years Resolutionaries
by fightthepower January 05, 2010

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