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New Port Richey is a suburban city in Florida, north of Tampa and south of Orlando. It holds the world record for more elderly people per square mile than any other city in the United States, most of which are from New York state. For one to live there is like dancing to no music.
We were looking for a nice place to live, but instead we found New Port Richey.
by Rachel Hastings December 30, 2003
A sorry excuse for a "city" that is located on Florida's west coast, twenty miles north of Clearwater. This hellhole is comprised of retirees, sluts and white trash. Recreational activities include going to Wal-Mart Supercenter (there are two), going to redneck bars, or going to Tampa. New Port Richey will ruin you if you stay for too long.
New Port Richey: If the drivers don't kill you, the sun will!
by hayw00d February 16, 2005
Birthplace of Nathan Explosion, the lead singer for the fictional death metal band Dethklok.
it sucks in New Port Richey
by Jenny S. August 23, 2008
New Port Richey is a boring place where the only thing to do is to be bored and drive your crappy car around. There is only one rich family, the Mitchell's, in the whole place and the High School, J.W. Mitchell HS is named after them. The nick name we gave it is New Port Nowhere.
me: i'm bored...lets go and find something to do.

friend: damn it i forgot that i lived in New Port Nowhere.
by fsutromboner October 18, 2004
City on the West Gulf Coast full of retirees, crackheads, and weirdos. New Port Richey is full of hillbillies and dirty shacks. People don't mow their lawns, rednecks everywhere, high housing prices, and no jobs. This is home to some of the worst drivers in the world. Also known as "New Port Nasty" and "New Port Nowhere." This place is full of scrub hillbillies.
New Port Richey is full of hillbillies, white-trash, gangster wannabees, no decent paying jobs, and kids with no education who can't read.
by Ken Burr August 21, 2006
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