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The geographical area encompassing Muskingum College, New Concord, Cambridge, and Zanesville, Ohio.

Muskingum College in Ohio is located in the small town of New Concord. Since there is nothing much in this small town, the residents and students often go to the nearby town of Cambridge. Sadly, this town is of little consequence to the rest of the state. The nearby town with name recognition is Zanesville. Therefore, to nebulously describe this geographic area there needs to be a word of its own. New Zanesbridge.
Muskingum Student A: I would really love to go shopping....

Muskingum Student B: At the mall? Or in downtown Cambridge?

MSA: We might have to drive to the other end of New Zanesbridge to find what I am looking for.

MSB: ...
by John Lifeguard October 28, 2008
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