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Small shitty city in the state of Indiana. About forty mins from The Colgate Clock. Main attractions are the crack, weed, and drama addicts. Although the population is a woping 49 you can find a wide variety of drug dealers, drop outs, drunks, sluts, jacked up cars, corn, knobs, fatt asses, and fake whores. You may find a total of 3 decent looking girls in the general area.. But hey, beauty is in the eye of the BEER-holder.. Personally this is not a place to find a dime (Unless you are wanting a dime sack.) No matter how far away their houses are everybody will know your life story & talk shit about it, while being sweet to your face. It is typical by the age of 13 to have already dated everyone of the opposite sex so that explains the logic behind why the males turn gay at the college age. Along with the many many farms you can find here all 49 of the people look like their own different species of animals. EVERBODY follows the big boy; a shitty pott head that looks like a mouse, and not just any mouse... But mickey mouse. While in this city always use the buddy system, even for the most personal task; it's like the code of arms. If you haven't got the gist by now, this town is prob the shittiest place on earth, besides Japan they are in serious bad shape right now.. But I woulndt stop in the good ole NW even if it were to take a quick piss.
New Wash, New Washington Indiana
by kaylaistoocoolforschool March 19, 2011
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