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a town in Fairfield County,possibly one of the most drugged up drunkest towns in CT and has the oldest crapiest high school in the state. In NF you have your mob, brothel, and halfway house. were not completely rich but we still have sail harbor. almost everone drinks or does drugs and house parties are pretty much every night.
New Fairfield, CT stands out as the most f-uped towns in FC.
by nfct March 17, 2007
A term you use for someone who's a wigger.
Look at that white kid with his pants down to his ass, he's definately from New Fairfield
by Stuck in a gay town July 10, 2011
A freaking small city in CT (Right next to Danbury.) It is the nicest, most friendly town. It has a great school program. But the parties are awesome!!!
kid: Nothing happens in New Fairfield
parent: Thats why i like it so much
by bobarax7 June 14, 2011

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