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neighborhood in new city, ny. it (along with the new city gardens, downtown, etc.) is one of the few neighborhoods in new city that isn't filled with jappy rich spoiled brats living in huge mansions. in fact, the new city condos consists of mainly small-sized 3 level townhouses. It is also very diverse in races and ethnicities. It has alot of russians, blacks, and italians and is a lower-middle class neighborhood that lacks spoiled brats. it is also walking distance from all the shops and cool places to chill in new city unlike the rich side where you have to drive to get to town.
kid 1: I'm going to friends house in new city today.
kid 2: So you're going to a rich, stuck-up person's house
kid 1: no, he lives in the new city condos.
by rocklandrules845 August 16, 2009
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