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A New Castle girl is someone who was born and resides in New Castle Delaware, and never leaves because they actually think New Castle is a great place to be. They are trashy and think they are tough. They have lots of babies at a young age by different men, and sometimes even live in Dobbinsville. For people who don't know what Dobbinsville is, it is the crappiest little neighborhood right next to Old New Castle. I guess you can call them townhouses but they look like shacks and no one has teeth or a job. The person who commented on the original definition of New Castle is most definitely a New Castle Girl. I know because I actually knew her family when she was a baby. Long line of New Castle Trash!!!!!
"talk trash and spit blood", yea that is exactly something a New Castle Girl would say!
by Jdubb619 August 27, 2008
For whoever said new castle girls are trash just wishes they were one. I lived in Delaware my whole life and am proud to be a New Castle girl!! Yeah we have big mouths and we fight at the drop of a hat, but we also are loyal and strong and independent. My girls from New Castle would have my back at any given minute. New Castle girls are one of a kind and if you know some you know what I mean. If you come across a New Castle girl and have something foul to say about where we are from you better have your gaurd up cause we are quick to swing.
She has tough skin and a great heart she must be a New Castle girl.
by newcastlechick13 April 28, 2011
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