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A small town in Ohio that's made up of wiggers, illegal mexicans, and racist white people.
Dude, look at all the wigger bitches! Where are we?

New Carlisle.
by you'll never guess. :) May 14, 2009
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Smaller town located in North-Western Indiana. Small population and few to no afro-americans.Wanna be thugs who live in cornfields, but get made fun of by all the kids who like to party. Also lies on 3 different types of geographically items; area code cut off (219,574) county line (laporte, st joe) and time zone ( eastern, central).
Joe- Wanna go to a party in New Carlisle?

Steve- sure what time?

Joe- 7

steve- is that town time or slow time?

Joe- town time, nerd.

Steve- Ight

Bob- What county?

Joe/Steve- Good question
by nerdwordturd. May 17, 2010

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