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A town in Beaver County, PA approximately 1.14 square miles and home to approximately 6,600 people. Home to the original Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe.
There was a shooting in New Brighton yesterday.
by NBfire841 January 29, 2009
A suburb of Minneapolis with almost no middle class. There is a decent amount of rich folk residing primarliy inside wexford heights and then the rest of the area is filled with Blacks, Mexicans and of course a lot of white trash. A city that many assume should be a quite city but actully has a fair amount of crime and gangs.
See that 40 year old white guy in the trailer park drinking Natty Ice, He must be from new brighton.

I walked threw poly the other day and saw about a million niggers packin heat.

Hey did you hear that 2/3 of the workers at the mcdonalds on silver lake road got deported yesterday
by Samcasselmakesitrain10 December 29, 2011