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A string of really bad days or experiences.
Jesus, this week has been like a never-ending shit parade!
by genxchick May 16, 2009
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Never-ending shit parade; never-ending parade of shit. 1. A string of bad luck; 2. The ceaseless onslaught of other people's BS, thoughtlessly transferred to or otherwise imposed on you.
3. The merciless bombardment of unnecessary, trivial, and/or menial tasks, responsibilities or obligations- often in reference to one's work or financial encumbrances- which prevent one from ever acheiving success, progress or personal growth.
"I've been trying to get out of debt, but then I got laid off from work, my kid needed braces, the car broke down and now the bank wants to foreclose. Its like there's this never-ending shit parade preventing me from ever getting ahead!
by seventhson June 21, 2010
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