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The most boring college in America. No one that actually looks in to college goes there. It has about 20 people pere classroom and there are more nuns than students. The dorms are like a jail and people there have no sense for real life. I wouldnt recomend going there.
I didnt want to go to a real college so I enrolled at Neumann College.
by LBanks August 29, 2006
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As LBanks has said, i wouldnt attend neumann college unless..
1. You love church and <3 the thought of having a nun for a teacher in almost every class. But as you expirence more and more in neumann, u find ur self with horrible schedules. If you do attend neumann i suggest finding a class with plenty of bitties in it to get through ur horrid day
I graduated from a bigger Highschool then neumann college
by MikeMalone September 03, 2006

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