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Noun. A networking ninja is a person who successfully creates a circle of influence to achieve their personal and professional goals. Employs bold networking strategies to effectively build quality relationships and guarantee a win. Must be open to new ideas, new technology and new opportunities. Always ready to share information, give advice and connect people. Mission: a positive impact on society.
After watching a few networking ninjas in action, I now make it my first priority to locate the bar or coffee table first.

We hired some networking ninjas to tweet about all things Sushilicious even before the doors were open.

Networking Ninjas use effective weapons such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networks to “karate-chop” your competition.

He is referred to in the business community as a Networking Ninja for his highly effective, unorthodox strategies for getting new customers and generating referrals.
by Knerq March 23, 2011
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