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When a man ejaculates into a woman's nostril and his semen shoots out of her other nostril.
Roger executed the perfect Neti Pot on Heidi, which almost caused her to weep jizz.
by King Deucey December 09, 2008
A synonym to douchebag, because in practical terms the "netipot" is a irrigation device to cleanse a mucous filled orifice, very much like a douche, but since very few women douche anymore, it seems more appropriate to use this particular device as a synonym for asshole, dickweed, jerk, pompous loud and obnoxious human.
Look at him, he's wearing an Ed Hardy shirt and is covered in fake tan. Fucking Netipot.
by Rude and Rudy July 05, 2011
When a guy ejaculates in someones nose and it goes in one nostril and out the other.
Last night Frank totally neti potted in my nose... it was AWESOME! My sinuses are so clear!!
by A$billsinthehouse June 05, 2011
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