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The Act of being enthralled by Netflix's huge selection of movies, television shows, comedy specials and/or clever rating system. The tenacity of this enthrallment is so intense that one forgets to answer calls or text messages and may see like a d bag.This is called being fixated by the Netflix website or simply...being Netfixed.
Trent: didn't answer my text.Why you being such a d bag?
Mike: well my good sir, I(stress the I as though trent could never in his life been doing something as important as what mike was doing) was Netfixed.
Trent:well...we've all been there
**Both men high five and stay floating in mid air as 80's hit,"dont you (forget about me" by john Hughes, plays in the background**

"yeah so if you call me in the next twenty minutes i wont pick up cause im gonna be Netfixed"

"MAN: oh...i just came
Girl: ...shit, what happened?
MAN: i was Netfixed and didn't realize i had to pull out
girl: there a movie that tells you how to deal with this?
MAN: of course there is...ITS NETFLIX!"
by Benjaminraphi September 26, 2007
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