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Anyone who posts uniquely strange, preferably incomprehensible articles, or who manifests a persistent, extreme, and somewhat bizarre obsession.

it is important to note the subtle distinction between a net kook, a net cretin, a clueless newbie, troll, or asshole. The newbie, one hopes, can acquire a clue on the installment plan even if he can't afford to buy one for cash. The cretin is merely stupid and/or irritating. The troll is purposely pulling your leg like it got caught in some heavy machinery. The asshole is, well, simply that. But a TRUE net kook has a special fascination derived from his/her/its utter ineffability. Their behavior is irrational, if not downright weird, but they are seldom merely boring.
I tried to follow Gene Ray's writings at, but after 30 seconds, I knew I was reading the rantings of a first-class net kook.
by olliemud March 21, 2010
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