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Rooted through Nesian: A shortened term used to describe the collected race of Pacific Islanders. Nesian Culture music is the collective musical expression of the many Pacific islands. Grouped by their different positions in the Pacific Oceans (MicroNESIAN, PolyNESIAN, MelaNESIAN) they bring to light the beauty of the pacific in this prideful genre of music. The songs describe the love and respect they have for each other as similar races, and ultimately gather all Pacific Islanders under one culture instead of being sepreated by their islands.
This music is meant to take those who may or may not be decendants of these cultures to a place of bliss. to feel calm even in a dancing beat. this music can make u feel like getting up and moving but still steady. like a palm tree in the breeze.
Man Fiji be representin that Nesian Culture Music to da fullest.
by Nicia828 October 04, 2007
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