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Almost certainly originates from a TV coffee advert of the 70s/80s starring Gareth Hunt. He holds several coffee beans in a half-clenched fist then shakes them in a way reminiscent of a hand job. The relationship with Gareth Hunt is further strengthened since he was a considered to be a bit of a wanker.
She gave me a Nescafe Handshake
by pilonor January 17, 2009

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Euphemistically used to replace wanking or a hand job. Imagine holding a cup of Nescafé in your hand. If your imagination can't stretch to Nescafé, Aldi value granules will suffice. Then imagine shaking someone's hand with it. Then see what you've just done in reality. You see.
The whore gave Hugh the old Nescafé Handshake before selling her story to the classy upmarket newspaper 'The Sun'.
by Dr Harry Koch January 21, 2005