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When something is scary enough to make you nervous or give you the jitters, but not quite scary enough to be truly terrifying. Used in place of phrases such as 'It made me nervous'
I had to give a presentation in front of the entire was nervousing, but I did okay.

The way the judge paused before he delivered my sentence was really nervousing.
by waywardsister March 05, 2010
in the work or act of being alarmed or nervous
This motorcycle ride is very nervousing.

I don't like the way he is driving, it is very nervousing.
by shewolf October 16, 2013
1. used to describe a situation or noun in which one will feel nervous
2. a situation that is scary, frightening or agitating
Parallel parking downtown, in a tight spot, with people in the car is nervousing.
by C.Bear March 31, 2010
This is the description of a person, place or thing that makes you feel nervous.
Going to the dentist is a nervousing experience.

Meeting your in-laws for the first time is quite nervousing.

It's nervousing to watch her....she makes coffee nervous.
by kar8abun August 01, 2008
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