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A fairly new heavy metal band, one that seriously kicks ass and has a sound that seems influenced by the likes of Disturbed, Anthrax, and Drowning Pool. Definitely a great example of heavy metal in the midst of posers who pass themselves off as metal, such as The All American Rejects. MOST definitely worth a listen if you're a true metal fan. If you want to hear one of their songs, check out .
Metal-head: Dude, do you have Nerve Damage?
Random guy: No, my nervous system is quite intact...
Metal-head: NO! The band! The one that Anthrax is helping promote?
Random guy: I am not ill with anthrax, either...
Metal-head: Ugh... Hopeless...
#heavy metal #kickass #badass #nd #awesomeness
by Metal4ever September 29, 2006
A term used to describe a basketball dunk where the player throws the ball off the backboard, jumps up and grabs the ball and dunks it while completing a 180-degree turn in the air.
I'd have to say the best dunk was the nerve damage, when he did a 180 and dunked it after he threw the ball off the backboard.
#street dunk #slam dunk #emphatic dunk #dunk #crazy dunk
by dudeman17 January 21, 2007
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