A nerd's lair; a bachelor pad complete with a computer on a desk with ready access to the Internet (where occupants spend the bulk of their time when not sleeping), world-canceling features such as a door or noise-reducing headphones, and a respectable number of comforting knick knacks (ie collectibles, south park memorabilia, Todd McFarlane posters, etc.).

examples include but not limited to:

Steve Carell's house in 'The 40 Year Old Virgin'

Josh Baskin's apartment in the movie 'Big'

The bat cave (that dude held on to everything)

your place (you know who you are)
"I don't shave when I'm chillin' in my nerdcave, get baked like everyday my birthday...." - mc chris

"dude, your place is such a nerdcave"
"awe come on"
"you've got more video games then a teenage asian kid"
"its not that much"
you've got a figure of....is that the six million dollar man's boss?"
"Oscar Goldman. Thats worth way more then Steve Austin"
by Dynomutt September 24, 2011
Top Definition
1. Room 213.
2. A dark room, corner, confined or enclosed area which nerds go to hide from the outside world, especially sunlight.
3. An enclosed area where nerds may thrive, without contact with the outside.

New inhabitants of the Nerd Cave are called "Nerdlings".
1. Nerds tend to in the Nerd Cave during times of intense sunlight.
2. Nerds may hibernate in Nerd Caves for long periods of time.
3. The annual Nerd-a-thon will be held at the Nerd Cave.
4. Scientists have discovered that the Nerd Cave is where the evolution from humans to nerds begins.
by nerd.cave.213 January 17, 2012
A place where little nerdies devise their mathamatical plots to take over society and make everyone learn math D:... yah... thats a nerd cave...
ex.1 TO THE NERDCAVE! *dananananaaaa* nerd face! nerd face!

ex.2 Gay guy #1 Holy shizz, your room looks like a nerdcave

Gay guy #2 what the hell!? my room is pwnfull you @$$#0|3!!!
Gay guy #3 You all are evil noob pricks T_T
by the noob who u dun like August 25, 2009
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