A pejorative term for an entitled tech worker, used to highlight both the nerdy/gadget-fetishizing and pompous aspects of the individual's character. Especially applicable to tech workers who forget—or are unable—to recognize the big, big world beyond their tiny bubble-lives.
Did you see that guy wearing Google Glass at the hip-hop show? What a fuckin' nerd toucher.

I love driving down to San Jose, but go to the wrong bar and you find yourself mobbed by startup bros pitching their worthless products at each other. Fuckin' nerd touchers.
by Ollle August 19, 2013
A derogatory term for self-important tech start-up type people. Meant to convey both nerdiness and pompousness
Some nerd toucher taped me on the subway with his google glass.

this damn nerd toucher wouldn't shut up about his company's seed funding round

I'm sick of these fucking nerd touchers' damn google buses blocking the stop.
by Dr Bastard s Communism August 16, 2013

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