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A moderately attractive girl who is unable to garner attention from the average male so she feigns knowledge and interest about things such as video games, comic books, manga/anime, ect. in order to attract several nerdy boys. (NOTE: a Nerd Tease will actually have little to no understanding of these things and will simply regurgitate things she's heard/read).

The Nerd Tease will then flirt shamelessly with her established harem while adamantly insisting that she only likes them as just friends.
Nerd 1: Wow that really cute girl is reading comic books I think I have a shot!

Nerd 2: Give it up man she just pretends to read those to get attention from guys like you, she'll flirt but you'll never get anywhere with her. Total Nerd Tease

Average Guy: Meh, she isn't that cute, she's slightly above average but she's nothing special.
by Tlogger February 11, 2010
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