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A Nerd Emergency is the sudden realization that the remaining battery of an electronic device, commonly a laptop, is critically low. When a Nerd Emergency occurs, the 'victim' nerd shouts "Nerd Emergency" causing surrounding nerds to flock to the aid of the 'victim'. A collective effort ensues to connect the electronic device to a power source before it loses power completly.
Nerd 2: Begins to untangle power cord
Nerd 3: Locates nearest wall outlet
Nerd 4: Connects power cord to electronic device
Nerd 1: anxiously watches and bites his nails
Nerd 2: Plugs power cord into the outlet located by nerd 3
Nerd 1: Goes back to fixing his ever-broken (but still better than windows) linux distribution
by bearsdontstack December 08, 2008
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