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Everybody knows neopolitan ice ceam (vanilla, strawberry, and choclate)

Well the neopolitan slam is similar to the strawberry shortcake, which is when you jiz in a bitches face then punch her in the nose so it creates a red and white mess on her face similar to a strawberry shortcake dessert

The Neopolitan Slam is one step further and a little more advanced of a manuver, you start with a cum shot on the left side of the face, create a bloody nose in the middle and then smear some shit on the right side of the face creating a perfect vanilla, strawberry, and choclate combination, this is not a move for the novice, its take great skill and experience to pull this move off.
Damn dude did you here what dave did last nite?
Nah WHat happend?
He hit some bitch with a neopolitan slam!!!
by Bank$$$ November 18, 2007

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