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This a term for people who were emo but then change to wear knee high socks or colourful socks. These people are desperate to be seen as indivdual. Each Neon sock will go through a stage of declaring themselves as bi-sexual when infact 99% of neon socks that come out are straight, they just do it for attention.

They are also into anything Japanese, and pokemon. They are generally friendly people and easy to get along with, but they are always craving for attention, and at times are too self absorbed.

They also use ' :3 ' & ' XD ' as emoticons, to be different.

Plural: Neon Socks.
Person One: Do you really think shes a bisexual?
Person Two: No , of course not. Shes such a neon sock!
by IndieIsNotATrendButATrait April 27, 2011
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