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A neologian is a person who coins, creates, or crafts new words.

A neologian is a creator of neologisms (i.e. new words).

When existing words are insufficient to the task of adequately expressing an idea or require clumsy combinations of words, a neologian will craft a new or replacement word, most often by relying on verbal elements in pre-existing words or word-fragments, whether written or aural elements.
Tertullian was a neologian of the early Latin-speaking Christian church who coined many new words, including the very influential "trinitas" (transliterated into English as "Trinity").

Urban Dictionary is a vast resource of neologisms (new words) produced by countless neologians.

Stephen Colbert is a contemporary and renown neologian, famous for his many neologisms, for example, "truthiness."

Neologian-PJG is the neologian responsible for the neologism "neologian" as an entry in Urban Dictionary.
by Neologian-PJG November 29, 2011
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