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Short for Neo-Conservative Nationalist-Socialist. Basically an American member of the Republican party who claims the conservative ideology of Ronald Reagan, but in practice acts like a Nazi in that they are pro-corporate, anti-<insert-current-scapegoat-here>, pro-military, anti-sharing, pro-self-serving, anti-abortion, pro-death-penalty, anti-tax, pro-greed, etc.

Their intent is to establish a totalitarian-style state with the pretense of democracy and freedom cloaked in faux-patriotism, but controlled only by like-minded individuals.
I don't know what an Islamo-Fascist is because they don't exist, but there definitely are Neo-Con-Nazi hordes running the Republican party.

George W. Bush, Donal Rumsfeld, any of the PNAC aithors, Ann Coulter, Bill O'Reilly, etc.
by James Kinoshita August 12, 2006