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1. (noun) - A redundant forum post whose topic was already covered by a previous one. The more recent the first post was to the second, and the more similar the posts are to each other, the more serious the offense. e.g. "neo!"
2. (verb) - To create a "neo" e.g. "neo'd!"
3. (noun) - A shorthand name for the person, most renowned for creating redundant forum posts on MarkovForums.com, Neothor. e.g. "you noob, Neo!"
4. (adj) - Redundant, unnecessary, or previously covered. e.g. "this thread is so neo!" Note: the Greek word Neos means new or different, neither of which a "neo" is, making for a humorous auto-antonym
+1 Neo-Point. That was posted last week. You Neo'd that one pretty bad.
by Tom J P October 03, 2006
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To be kissed as only your true love can kiss you.
"When Matt leaned over and neo'd me, my knees grew weak and my loins were a'quiver."
by Lauren (for Matt) October 06, 2003
7 37