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The chief protagonist of the Wachowski brother's modern Gnostic-inspired masterpiece.

A modern day pop-culture figure of symbolic significance for people who have long-since been jaded by the comparable stories of Jesus Christ and various other ancient, mythical, resurrecting and dying Godmen.

Neo is THE dude.
There's a little Neo in all of us...
by Gnostic_Neo February 27, 2007
Main chracter in the Wachowski brothers Matrix trilogy. Neo is played by actor Keanu Reeves. Neo is a mythical man and his coming was fortold in a propehcy.
Neo is really amazing! Look at his uber skills!
by 1337 Fork July 31, 2005
close, almost, unsubscribing, undecided, new, recent.
a "neo-hampster owner" would be somone who aspires to look after a hampster, understands all the implications and obligations of keeping a hampster, but does not yet have one to look after.
by matty July 21, 2005
The goody-goody of the Matrix Trilogy. Goes out with Trinity and is introverted in personality. Hates Agent Smith and likes to kick Smith's ass. Before becoming Zion's messiah, he was a big computer nerd/hacker who listened to Massive Attack whilst searching around for Morpheus on the Net.
Neo also secretly likes Starbucks coffee.
by Drugless May 27, 2005
The One.
Trinity:" It's NEO."
by Ayce Manik May 15, 2010
A clever anagram of one (that looks suspiciously like a typing error).
Script Writer: "Keanu Reaves is going to play The Neo."
by Goanga June 16, 2006
A Hybridiztion of Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop using methods, elements and samples intended for Electronic or Industrial music. Such styles can carry a term like "Electronic-Pop" or "Industrial-Hip Hop". The term Neo implies that the structure of the music is a new approach to an established portrayal of the original style. Such styles usually involve several styles or sub-genres of music in one song.
Instead of using a term like "techno-pop with electric guitars" (Neo-Rock) or "R&B Dance music with an electronic twist" (Neo-Pop), just use to word Neo.
by The Legend of XERO January 30, 2010